Airfares Cart- Flight reservation conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are established as a formal settlement to be followed by both Airfares Cart and our clients, which is why it is every client's responsibility to review every clause prior to confirming their booking with the agency. Should there be any room for error or questioning, feel free to approach our agents to clarify all doubts or give recommendations where necessary. We shall be happy to oblige, as always.

Cancellation Policy

After applying for cancellation, clients are expected to be charged with cancellation charges under Airfares Cart as well as their respective airline under which their ticket reservation has been made. Usual cancellation charges amount to as much as 100 GBP along with other adjustments to overall charges depending on the season, destination and type of booking.

Airfares Cart only holds the responsibility of the delivery of electronic transaction for payment, booking and provision of electronic ticket to their respective client. The agency shall not be held responsible for the assurance of air travel, the standard provided during the flight or customer satisfaction. In case a refund is indeed applicable upon the airline and is processed via the agency, additional servicing charges on any re-reimbursement will be applicable. Air tickets which are transferable, changeable and refundable are specially specified; generally the same is not the case for airline tickets.

Airfares Cart retains the final right to cancel any of its services and packages it provides to its clients. Such cancellations can occur from 'Force Majeur' factors (read below) or low bookings making a package or flight commercially infeasible to be operated. Passengers availing these services will be reimbursed and provided with alternatives.

Flight deposits

Also note that over a period of time, when deposits are being used to hold seats it is not necessary that the same is being ensured for holding the airfares of those seats. Please note that any change in the mode of payment for successive payments after a deposit should be informed well in time beforehand in order to evade payments exceeding the due date.

It is completely possible that owing to ticketing restrictions, Airfares Cart may not be able to issue tickets for a confirmed booking. Since the agency is collaborating with other firms for its services, there are factors outside its control which may affect its trade. In case of such an occurrence, the agents will arrange for a refund or provide alternate options for their itinerary.

Late/delayed payments

Any payments made beyond the due date will add in a late-processing fee or fine. Each mode of payment requires different duration and surcharges, and the main options range among Debit Card, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer. For those who are relying on a secondary party for their payments, they should provide additional details regarding the parent account as well as the account holder and his/her approval letter. Please note that the booking will not be confirmed unless and until the client has made payment for his/her booking.

Airline failure insurance

In case an airline fails to operate, the agency is not supposed to be held liable for reimbursement of their airfare, the passengers are advised to contact the relevant authorities, however, the agency will assist the passenger through the process. All alternative travel arrangements are to be coordinated directly between the airline and the passenger in question. Information leading to contact between airline and passengers can be disclosed by the agents on request. Even in case the ticket is being cancelled on behalf of the airline, administrative charges and fees are expected to be charged from the overall refund.

Travel insurance

For travel insurance to be effective, the purchase of the insurance should be made within 14 days of the booking.


It is customary for clients to contact passengers 2 to 3 days prior to their departure to confirm their travel and itinerary. If any reconfirmation, adjustments or alterations need to be made in detail, they should be done via email within 24 hours of initial booking, bearing in mind the working hours of the agent. Agents do send a conformational email of the flight booking right after the call has been made in order to confirm all entered details with the client in question, therefore clients should comply checking the email for any errors and inform or give feedback on a timely basis. Verification of travel documentation should also be done beforehand with the respective consulates.

Adherence to "Force Majeure"

In the case of occurrence of a natural calamity or a large-scale disaster matching regional or worldwide proportions, disrupting the booking or travel plans of our client, Airfares Cart will not hold responsibility to cover the damages on the client's part. Financial protection from such occurrences can be sought via travel insurance policies purchased separately or externally.

Occurrence of fraud

Airfares Cart wants its clients to be conscious of becoming victims of fraud under any impostor acting to represent our company or 'do business on our behalf'. We have no other branches for our business, and shall not be held responsible of fraudulent activity done by an external party on our behalf. All information of our clients, our e-mails and business operations are kept strictly confidential and we expect our clients to do the same by not disclosing or forwarding any information to any other agent, corporation or even a public platform.

Airfares Cart also holds the exclusive copyrights of its trademark, logos and graphic designs, as well as owns the content on its website. No other individual or company has the right to be represented by our trademark, logos or designs. Violators will be challenged legally through criminal proceedings under the governing law of the UK.

Influence of parent companies and external agents

Alterations of flight itineraries by parent airline company, or owing to rules or orders implemented by overseeing organizations like ABTA or IATA are to be accepted with immediate effect. In each of these cases, Airfares Cart is bound to comply with the rules and shall not be held liable to make compensation payments to the effected client(s). If availing additional services like transportation, tours and accommodation from external agents other than Airfares Cart, the client is expected to comply with the terms and conditions of the external agent(s) in question.

Variation in charges

The stated fares across the website are specified for a temporary season and are subject to changes over time as well as availability. Changes in return flight airfare, tax rates and fuel surcharges are often observed, while costs of entire packages are also subject to change and are passed over to the client. Other external cost factors can include changes in exchange rates, or landing taxes/passenger taxes charged at the airport. Such taxes are not always included at the payment of the ticket and are charged at the airport(s) of departure and arrival for utilizing the facility.

Ticket Delivery

Delivery of paper tickets is only made possible within the UK, with Airfares Cart mostly relying on the official Royal Mail Service for delivery.

Request for additional information for clients

Travel Suppliers (hotels, tour transport providers) may request or require additional information from their client availing the travel package, which then would need to be added additionally for the booking of that package to take place. Airlines have a uniform policy of requesting APIs (Advanced Passenger Information) which is then forwarded to national agencies and immigration departments on the airport of arrival, which is why timely compliance of information requests becomes very important in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Additional Value Added Services (special requests)

In the case of passengers making special requests for their travel, they are requested to inform or inquire well in time before their flight, while making their booking. Such services are subject to availability and will depend upon the air carrier in question for providing them.

Variation in Site Content and availability

As Airfares Cart holds the right to restrict access of its website to specific audiences, it should not be held responsible for unavailability of access to its website for its clients. Owing to revision of policies, the agency holds the right to alter its Terms and Conditions, which will be held effective for bookings after the changes have been stated and made 'official'. General information regarding availability of airlines, hotels, tour providers and services is also subject to changes and availability, since many of these services are being facilitated via 3rd party agents.

Feedback of service/Complaints

All feedback responses or complaints of the service shall be made with the agency within 30 days of availing its services. This will allow efficient channeling of information back to the external airline(s) or package operators in question.

Variation in flight schedule and flight duration

It is normal for flights to deviate from schedule both in terms of overall travel duration or times of departure and arrival. There are natural factors such as weather changes, flight traffic on the runways, aircraft maintenance and security clearance which would cause unscheduled delays in the flight. Such factors occur on behalf of the airline and airport administration for which the agency shall not be held responsible.

Direct flights

All direct flights may not necessarily be non-stop. Airline safety procedures for maintenance and refueling often compel air carriers to 'touch down' on an airport enroute the direct flight before setting off again.

Code of Conduct Violations

Any client caught of copyright infringement from Airfares Cart or its partner companies, sending disturbing, political or pornographic materials, or behaving in any manner to cause damage, destruction and disruption to security or flight operations will have his or her booking cancelled, along with additional penalties for damages caused in the event. Legal proceedings will also be followed up depending on the severity of the case. Clients are to be held financially responsible for all their bookings, and thus should be classified as adults (at or above 18 years of age) to be judged in legal capacity.

Governing Laws

Being based in the UK, Airfares Cart complies by the law of England and Wales. For physical interaction, its site office is also present in the UK. Those requiring access can request for the address with our agents.

Modes of Payment
There are 3 (three) modes of payment accepted.
  • Debit card (NO EXTRA CHARGE)
  • Credit Card / AMEX (2% bank surcharges)
  • Bank payment/transfer


If a third party card is being used for full payment or the information provided by the passenger does not match or in case of an urgent flight, the card holder has to provide following basic documents;

  1. Front / back copy of the card being used
  2. Manually written and signed authorization letter by the card holder
  3. Recent card statement or any of the latest utility bills in the name of the card holder
  4. Passport/Driving License of cardholder as well as passenger